Exploring Angles at the Appmaker Mountain Summit

Almost twenty Appmaker aficionados from all over the world descended on snowy Revelstoke, British Columbia this week for the Appmaker Mountain Summit. A rambunctious tourist with leftover New Year’s Eve fireworks put on a display across from our hotel last night and it was a fitting start to the week (because who doesn’t love the fireworks component?).

The reason we’re here is so that we make the right choices about what to do next with Appmaker. What’s interesting is that our goals for the week are so varied because there are people from Mozilla Labs, Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Reps program, and Adobe.

Everyone here has a different idea on what Appmaker is for—they’re coming at it from different angles, and all have their own goals about what to accomplish. What do you think Appmaker is? Who do you think it’s for and how can we get ‘em on board? This week I’ll be sharing some stories of who’s here working on Appmaker.

Kat Braybrooke is the Curation Design Lead at Mozilla Foundation and recently moved from London to Vancouver. “I came here to learn more about what Appmaker is from a mentor curriculum-building perspective. At its best, it can inspire people to build apps who might not otherwise. At its worst, it will just emulate other app making services out there. The remix functionality is exciting and makes it different, and so is the HTML 5 aspect instead of just being for one type of store.”

“Appmaker is ideally meant for a variety of use cases, from beginners to advanced developers. When someone’s grandma—who isn’t web-savvy—can use it, that’s how we know the prototype services we create are successful . That’s what I focus on with my work at Mozilla Foundation. It can potentially be useful to families, and smaller groups not based on a profit margin.”